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The National Motor Museum, Beaulieu. (U.K). (March 21st 2005)

Following on from the Weird Cars exhibition these were 3-wheelers that I came across in the main museum section. The museum was superbly laid out with one area having a complete vintage street and a replica 1930’s style garage built inside the museum complete with its whole 1930’s interior.  I really enjoyed the way the museum was laid out as you could walk around the cars and have a good look at them much more than in traditional museums that just have a line of cars squashed together behind a rope.

A full-size working replica of the 1886 Benz “Patent-Motorwagen”.

1947 Reliant 6cwt van.

Tax disc on the 1954 Reliant Regal Mk 1

A small section of the superb 1930’s ”Jack Tucker’s” garage.  I wasn’t to sure about the tandem hanging in the top corner.  That can’t be 1930’s? ...

A 1927 Morgan Aero-Aports.

1954 Reliant Regal Mk 1

1971 Reliant Supervan III - with Trotters Independent Traders livery.

... so I thought might be clever by pointing out there was a tandem with derailleur gears. But after checking my facts first it seems that Simplex introduced a cable shifted deailleur in 1938! So - no chance of me sounded clever then!