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Reliant Royce!

It was one of those last minute disasters. My sister was about to get married in 1990 and I was best man. As I waited with the Groom his car to take him to the church did not turn up. Panic filled the air, there was nothing else we could do except tie Ribbons to my Reliant Robin and take the Groom to the church in style.  If I had a pound for everyone who tooted their horn at us I would be on a beach in Barbados now! The journey was truly memorable and raised so many smiles it was unreal. As we pulled up to the church people just looked at us in shock.  As I pointed out though a Reliant Robin and a Rolls Royce do one major thing in common! Their initails RR. The chap in the picture is how I look when I'm all cleaned up with a suit on.

A year or so later my sister was in labour and needed an to get to the hospital ASAP.  At about 2am in the morning she was bundled into my Robin along with my mum and we sped down the country lanes, avoiding foxes and rabbits until we reached Burton Hospital. On the way my sister had hot flushes so she opened the window.  Suddenly my tax disc was swiped off the windscreen and sucked outside with a gust of wind, but I couldn't stop. Later she gave birth to Amy-Louise and I, amazingly, managed to find my tax disc, although rather soggy, the next day.