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These are your ancestors' 3-Wheelers.

Gallery V009

My thanks go to Darrell Mlynarz for this photograph of his father's old Gordon.  Darrell writes:

... The Gordon 3-wheeler was my Dad's first car. He bought it second hand for 100 quid in 1959. Fond memories of my Mum and eldest brother having to vacate (and often push) the vehicle whenever we encountered a hill. 

I remember the huge white steering wheel and the clip-on hammock seats in the "well" at the back. We'd toddle off to Blackpool in this car, pinch a few buckets of sand from the beach and turn it into a mobile sand-pit. Returning to Manchester along the East Lancs. Road (no motorways then!) the other motorists would smile and often throw sweets to us. So the car had its good points!

For the record, I'm the one stood up in the middle.

The photograph on this page is copyrighted to the owner. Please do not use without permission.