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These are your ancestors' 3-Wheelers.

Gallery V004

My thanks go to Yves Campion for these photos of his Gillet 3-wheeler through different periods.  Yves writes:

Please find enclosed pictures of my 3 wheeler. It was built in 1937-38 by 2 Belgian chaps name Pierre Thibeau & Corneille Dasoul who lived in Seraing, an industrial suburb of Liège (Belgium). At the time they couldn't afford to buy a car.

The engine comes from a 1928 500cc Gillet Herstal motorcycle and the front assembly from a Renault or a Peugeot from the 1920's. Of course it is kickstarted to start the engine which is a unit construction with 3 speeds gearbox and of course no reverse

It was used up to the war and then bring the driver and passenger to the Pyrennées during the Exodus of May 1940. It was first right hand drive and I don't know when it was swaped to lefts, a more normal continental use. The gas pedal is located between the clutch and brake ones!!!

The photographs on this page are copyrighted to the owner. Please do not use without permission.