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These are your ancestors' 3-Wheelers.

Gallery V010

My thanks go to Paul Osborn for these photographs of his father's old Bond mini-car. Paul writes:

I've been sorting through and scanning some old family photos and as my dad used to have Bond Minis back in the 50s, I was looking at your site to find out more about them.

By my reckoning, the Bond Mini in the attached pics is possibly the Mark D which is the one you don't have an image for? The grill is very different from the one you have puictured as a C, and I would have been about 3 which puts it at 57 so the timing is about right. Unfortunately the two pics are black and white, but if it gives you the missing pic of a Mark D, then you're very welcome to use it. Of course, it could just be there were different shaped grills for the Mark C!

Great site by the way - gave me the info I wanted!

Paul, I think this is a Mk D ... unless someone knows better! Please let me know if I am wrong.