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These are your ancestors' 3-Wheelers.

Gallery V022

My thanks go to Ron E. Peebles in Western Australia for this photo of her old Nobel. Ron writes:

I have attached a photo of the NOBEL I bought in 1959 in Birmingham England. I picked it up on a Saturday morning and having never driven a car before it took me hours to navigate the Round-a-bouts to get to BARNSLEY Yorkshire, all in bottom gear.

I drove it on a Motorcycle license as, being a three-wheeler I could, as long as it did not have a reverse gear! No policeman would find out that to put it in reverse you switched it off and started it in reverse.

The engine and gearbox was a motorcycle design, so to change gear you racked the gear-lever backwards and forwards. The exhaust silencer was attached to the body and the engine on a Rear-wheel sprung frame, so the exhaust pipe would fracture and I could be heard for miles! It used a Two-stroke mixture which lasted 100-120 mpg.
It was meant for 2 Adults and 3 children in the back seat, but I would get 5 adults in! The cornering was superb and top speed could reach 60 mph. The back of the front bench seat went down to access the back seat or backwards to make a level floor with the back bench seat, ideal for sleeping in.

The rest of the information on your website is correct.
"chassis that was built by Harland & Wolf , Belfast (They also built the Titanic) unlike the original Fuldamobils it had a fibreglass body courtesy of the Bristol Aeroplane company. The Nobel was powered by a Sachs 191cc two stroke engine driving the rear wheel which gave a top speed of approximately 50-55mph with 60mpg."