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These are your ancestors' 3-Wheelers.

Gallery V021

My thanks go to Peter Lee for this photo of her old Reliant Regal Mk 1. Peter writes:

Though you might like this for your collection.
I have been tidying it up in Photoshoping this old image of my first "car" taken about 1967 but don't hold me to that, I think it was a 1953 Mk 1 Reliant Van, that a previous owner had done some modifications to i.e. Scoop mounted over Radiator (it really help to keep the temperature of the engine under control - they were I was advised prone to boiling over, but not mine), Bumpers mounted front and rear, though from memory think the rear was more a piece of angle iron, and Turn indicator lamps fitted (in place of the semaphore originals - which where still on but disconnected and plated over, did think at the time of re-connecting them, but never did.
Had very little trouble with her apart from the top cylinder gasket kept blowing, got to be a dab hand at changing said gasket in the comfort of the front seat, you only had to go outside to get to a cylinder bolt at the front nearside, which came up from underneath the cylinder block, found I could extend the period between gasket blowing by placeing a small lenght of wire across its usual blowing point, but after the cylinder head crack when I was late putting in anti-freeze one year and gettin a used c. Head from local scrap yard, which cured the problem for the rest of the time I had her.

I had an unconfirmed report a year or two after selling her on, she had been spotted on a croft in Oldham all burnt out a sad end :-(
I have only slightly touched the image up, the nearside wing is a clone (reversed) of its opposite number to replace a broken stub where one should have been, surgical removal of a rubber bungy clipped between the wing mirrors, to hold the bonnet down when the catch snapped, that and some cosmetic cleaning up in the background is about it.
The only bit of heating in the reliant was what ever came up through the gearstick cover and a stick on demister drivers side, which is just about visible in this the one and only picture of UVU 247.

Looking at the photo and the shape of the front grille, I think this may actually be a Relant Regal Mk II.