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These are your ancestors' 3-Wheelers.

Gallery V019

My thanks go to Bill Llewellin for this photograph.. Bill writes:

Attached is a picture I took in Viet-Nam of a motor-cyclo taxi. I have been trying to find information on these, but the web is bereft (!) of any information at all. The best I've been able to fine was a passing reference to motorized cyclos used exclusively in Viet-Nam, but no pictures at all, so You may have the only one.

These things were made from Sachs or Puch motorcycles of about 250cc. the motor was a single-cylinder 2-stroke, usually fitted with a marginal muffler. As shown, the driver sat in back, and 2 Americans or 4 Vietnamese could fit up front. This one is a bit of a deluxe model with
rudimentary bodywork, a convertible top, and a front splash guard. The ones I rode in had only a brass rail to put your feet on, which doubled as the front bumper. There does not appear to be any suspension at all. The GIs enjoyed them immensely. Ralph Nader would puke.

I'm thinking of building one from currently available stuff, say a 250cc 4-stroke single and front end stuff from some very small car, unless I can find someone who brought one back and wants to sell it.