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These are your ancestors' 3-Wheelers.

Gallery V018

My thanks go to Richard ? for this photograph of a Mumford Musketeer. Richard writes:

The Mumford is now being restored by a neighbour.

Thanks to your website Bruce Mumford (son of creator) has been in contact with me. he kindly supplied this original picture to use on your site if you wish. This was the car when it was first built. Turns out it was the prototype car, hence the different engine and running gear. he would of taken the car on himself, if he did not have several already!

I hope that the car will be back on the road someday. When completed it will make an appearance at the Coleford Motoring Pagent, (Forest of Dean). I will update you and send further photos when the time arrives.

Thanks for your interest, assistance and a superb site.