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The Velorex Oskar was introduced in 1943 at Parník u Ceské Trebové. (Czechoslovakia). Brothers František Stránský and Mojmír Stránský had for a number of years serviced bicycles in their shop; “Moto-Velo Sport, Bicycle Service” when in 1936, inspired by the Morgan 3-wheeler, they were thinking about an economical car that would fill the gap between Motorbikes and 4-Wheeled vehicles.

In 1943 the Stránský’s constructed their first prototype the Velorex Oskar.  The vehicle was based on a tubular construction covered with a thin dural layer. (Similar to leather)  The mechanics of a vehicle were taken from a motorcycle. It is worth noting here that in Czechoslovakia after the war there was a need for cars, but there was a shortage of vehicle production and a problem with the states conception of motorization. It was therefore easier and quicker to build your own vehicle using any mechanical parts available than waiting for a mass produced factory car.

When the Velorex was introduced to the public many people became interested in it which led the Stránský brothers to create more of them. The mechanical parts; including the wheels originally taken from the motorbike were changed and improved upon as new parts became available and numerous types of engines were used. In 1945 the Stránský’s  bought a small shop  in Ceská Trebová .Here they produced the first series of Oskar with a tubular frame.  The first vehicles were covered with the material used for work clothes, this was later changed for polyurethane. Three different models were created.  The standard version used the CZ 150cc engine, The “3” used the PAL 300cc engine ( originally designed for agricultural use) and the 6 had a JAWA 250cc engine.

The Velorex Oskar. (My thanks to Tomas Kostik for allowing me to use this image of his Velorex from his web site)

Velorex Oskar

The Velorex Oskar Frame. This frame belongs to the vehicle in the picture above. (My thanks to Tomas Kostik for allowing me to use this image of his Velorex from his web site and for the information on this page.)

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