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Restoration of UWX 875L

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Restoration of UWX 875L.

The vehicle heavily featured throughout the book is my own 1972 Reliant Regal Supervan III that I purchased in Janaury 2004. The vehicle at the time was a complete non-runner and at some point in it’s short road life had been rolled over. The vehicle had been used on the road from 1972 - 1979 but from 1979 - 2004 just sat on a private drive gazing at a set of garage doors. As a result of standing for so long just about everything that could rot and fall apart did so. 

The whole project took 17 months to complete and a month by month guide to the restoration was added to my web site. The book serves as a instructional account of the restoration whilst the web site served as a personal diary of the restoration.

To visit the fully illustrated month by month account of the restoration please click here. This is featured on my main web site.

Sadly this car was destroyed in May 2008 when it burst into flames on the way to the Reliant Owners Club’s 50th National Rally. The event is detailed in the restoration above and Veloce Publishing also mentioned it on their web site.