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3-Wheelers on TV and at the Movies

Section 1: Television Series (Page 1)


Narrated by Jeremy Irons Autogeddon was a documentary detailing how the car is inextricably linked to almost every aspect of our lives. One of the video clips shown was a “Drag Racing” Reliant Robin powered by a 2 litre Ford Sierra engine.

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in this picture.



Bang goes the theory (BBC)

In series 4 episode 7 (April 2011), a Reliant Robin LX (Reg H52 RET) is used for one of the experiments and acts as a stylus to play a tune on a specially modified track.  The Reliant used in the episode belongs to my brother Geoff.


Battlestar Gallactica

During the series fighter aircraft called "Vipers" were used in most episodes. The Trylon Viper that was into production soom after the series was a byproduct of the Vipers in the series.



In the third series of the Bewitched tv show first aired in January 1967, a 3-wheeler called the “Reactor Mk II” was featured.  It had an electric or hydraulic top, doors and hood and hydraulic suspension. It sounded like it had a V8 engine but that could have been dubbed in by the tv show.

My thanks to Danny Taylor for sending in this photo.


Blue Peter (BBC)

In an episode from 2000 a Reliant Robin 65, Bond Bug and the Reliant Regal Supervan used in “Only Fools and Horses” appeared on the show after Reliant announced that it was to make no more 3-wheelers.

A 1973 episode of Blue Peter featured Jon Pertwee and his Whomobile (bottom left corner) and is said to be the only TV footage to show inside the Whomobile.

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in these pictures.


Birds of a Feather (BBC)

In one episode a Messerschmitt is featured and the characters; Sharron and Tracey, have to travel abroad to collect it from an old barn.


Call The Midwife (BBC)

In the third series of this BBC drama about midwives set in the 1950s a red Reliant Regal Mk V makes a very brief appearance at 39:44 minutes in episode 2 and then appears again in episode 4 at 28:56 minutes driving across the background.

Possibly the same vehicle appeared again (Reg No WFF 966 ) in the fourth series in episode 4 at 32 minutes (see insert on photo)


Car Duels

This series shown on UKTV G2 was about various “car duels”.  The first programme featured Sir Steve Redgrave (5 times Olympic gold winner) and Iwan Thomas (Olympic silver medalist)  racing around a track in a Reliant Rialto against a Citroen 2CV.

My thanks to Chris Masters for sending in this photo.


Classic British Cars

One of the episodes of Classic British Cars detailed the history of Micro cars and featured a number of 3-wheelers including, A BSA Ladybird (pictured), the Peel P50 and Peel Trident, most Bond Mini cars and amongst others Reliant 3-Wheelers.

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in this picture.


Collectors Lot

In one episode the programme looks at people who drive and collect Reliant vehicles.

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in this picture.


Coronation Street

A Reliant Robin LX (reg: F377 FNU) was used in the ITV soap “Coronation Street” on Sunday 27th July 2005.  The vehicle was driven by the characters “Kirk” and “Fizz”, they borrowed a Reliant Robin to load it up transport all their possessions.



Cyberzone by the BBC from the makers of Knightmare featured a Bond Bug.  Set in a run down cyberpunk future, the Bug had been stripped out and formed part of  the set in which contestants would sit inside it and use it as a cockpit for the  video wall in front of the screen. The nature of the show meant that the Bug could be  transformed into a boat, a Buggy or a helicopter for travel within the Virtual  Reality world.


Darling Buds of May

In episode 2 a Messerschmitt KR200 Cabrio was used that belonged to Mark Snowden.  The episode also featured a 1952 Reliant. In a later series another KR200 was used a few times.


Dark Angel

In the pilot episode of "Dark Angel" a Corbin Sparrow was used as a futuristic police car in the first few minutes of the story. The Sparrow also appears a couple of times throughout the series.

My thanks to Geoff Payne for sending in this picture.


Deals on Wheels (BBC)


In one of the episodes the Deals on Wheels team looked at the pros and cons of buying a Bond Bug and detailed things to look out for. The program also featured a BMW Isetta.

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in these pictures.


Dispatches. (Channel 4)

Reliant Robin on Channel 4 Dispatches

In this Channel 4 documentary series sub-titled "Low Pay Britain" the programme investigated the reality of employment in post-recession Britain.  A 1974 Reliant Robin van (Reg GKU 317N) appears throughout the programme that was first aired on 19th Jan 2015.


Dr Who. (BBC)

The Whomobile ( or “Flying car” )was driven by Dr Who (Jon Pertwee) in the Dr Who series from September 1973. (Reg No: WVO 2M) Specially designed for Jon Pertwee the Whomobile was powered by a 975cc Hillman Imp Sports engine specially prepared by Chrysler UK. The car could reach 100mph. For more details see the Whomobile page in the A-Z section of this site.

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in this picture.


Drivers from Hell 2002


In the 2002 series of Drivers from Hell showing police camera footage a Reliant Robin was featured when it was used as a get away car following a burglary.  Police chased the Reliant for over an hour down the A30 towards Salisbury (UK) in which time the vehicle lost 6 Police cars and 2 helicoptors.  The Police could not use a “stinger” as it was a 3-wheeled vehicle but eventually the driver became blocked in and jumped out of the car to make his way on foot.  He was caught shortly after.




In this BBC soap, during 2014, one of the characters in the series, “Aunt Babe” drives a Reliant Rialto (Reg No E916 LRU) (The image is from the program on Friday 3rd Oct 2014)

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