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3-Wheelers on TV and at the Movies

Section 6: One-Off Videos

Clarkson’s Top 100 Cars.

In this 2001 DVD, “Top Gear's” motormouth (Jeremy Clarkson) talks us through his 100 favourite cars of all time, and surprise surprise the list includes a three-wheeler - shock horror!!! In at number 99 was Karl Benz' 3-wheeled horseless carriage. Clarkson included this one because it was "Genesis - the very first car", however "You couldn't do handbrake turns in it!"

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in this picture.


Daman Hill’s Wacky Races

In the Daman Hill Wacky Races video one of the races featured is Reliant Robin banger racing.


Jeremy Clarkson Motorsport Mayhem.

This 1995 video features amongst its contents a Morgan racing.

My thanks to Geof Payne for sending in this picture.




This video features a Motorised sofa (inset) complete with Coke can brake lever, Caramel bar gear stick, Deep Pan Pizza steering wheels, television, clock and standard lamp that is actually road legal. It is powered by an 850cc Mini engine and claimed to have Mini back axle too (however the Mini is front wheel drive?). The front wheel assembly is from a Reliant Robin. The video also features a 14' Monbar Speedboat, powered by a 750cc Reliant Regal engine and running gear. The vehicles featured in a race of the most stupid vehicles, which also included a motorised skip  (which won the race, the boat came second, the sofa third) and a quad bike powered garden shed (which came last).

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in these pictures and for the text above.



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