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3-Wheelers on TV and at the Movies

Section 2: Movies (Page 1)

A Different Kind of Christmas.

In this 1996 film with Shelly Long and Barry Bostwick, a Cushman is used by “Santa” (Bruce Kirby) when he takes on a day job as a traffic warden.

My thanks to Geoff Payne for sending in this picture.


A price of Gold

In this 1954 film with Richard Widmark a number of Messerschmitts are seen.


Absolute Beginners

This 1986 film starring David Bowie and Patsy Kensit  set in London 1958, a pink BMW Isetta and a Messerschmitt in the final credit scene are both featured.


Adams Family

In the Adams Family Movies, Cousin Itt drives a Messerschmitt KR-175.


An American Werewolf in Paris

During the film a Piaggio Ape is featured in one of the scenes.


Austin Powers - Goldmember

In the 2002 film starring Mike Myers, several Corbin Sparrows are shown at Goldmember’s Tokyo warehouse .  One vehicle was a modified gold Sparrow (pictured) that was Goldmember’s private machine whilst another six standard silver Sparrows are also shown that are driven by Goldmember’s henchmen as they chase Austin Powers in a BMW Mini.

Photo from the San Francisco Chronicle.



In this 1986 Terry Gilliam film a Messerschmitt Kr-175 is featured.

My thanks to Donald Le Bihan for sending in this picture.



This 1961 film starring Peter Cooke (as the Devil) and Dudley Moore (who has sold his soul to the aforementioned Devil) . In the opening scene, the girl of Dudley's dreams gets into an Isetta 3 wheeler driven by her boyfriend Randy and drives off.


Belly of the Beast

This 2003 film starring Steven Seagal a number of Tuks Tuks are seen throughout the film.

My thanks to Geoff Payne for sending in this picture.


Cherry 2000

In the 1988 Sci-fi  film 'Cherry 2000' starring Melanie Griffith, a yellow Tri-Hawk appears quite extensively in the first 30 minutes of the film. The film is set in 2017 and so the producers must have thought the car looked sufficiently futuristic to be included in the film.



In the 1986 film clockwise starring John Cleese, a Reliant Robin is spotted parked in the street.

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in this picture.



This 1986 mini Sci-fi film (set in Los Angeles in 1999) features a number of Tri-Hawk’s and finishes with two Trihawks chasing each other at the end of the film.  Naturally the bad guy loses when he drives his Trihawk over a cliff and into the sea.

My thanks to Warren Behler for posting the film for me to take a screen shot.


Confessions of a Driving Instructor

In the 1973 film Confessions of a driving Instructor, a Reliant Regal Supervan, minus its doors and wheels is seen in the scrap yard during the closing credits.

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in this picture.


Demolition Man

In the Demolition Man movie starring Sylvestor Stalone a GM Lean Machine is driven by Wesley Snipes.  The vehicle was just one of seventeen concept cars from GM used in the movie with a total insurance value of $69 million. Powered by a 2-cylinder 38 hp engine the Lean Machine accelerates from 0 - 60 mph in 6.9 seconds and has a claimed fuel economy of more than 200 mpg.

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in this picture.


Der Haustyrann

A 1959 German film with Heinz Erhard & Grethe Weiser that features a Messerschmitt.


Doctor in the House

During an action scene in this 1954 movie when the rival hospital tries to kidnap a mascot an assortment of vehicles is seen one of which is a Morgan with a spare wheel set on top.


Get Carter

In the 1971 cult film “Get Carter” starring Michael Caine, a Bond Bug makes a brief appearance in one of the scenes.


Have his carcase

In this 1987 TV film a Morgan is featured.

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in this picture.


I’m alright Jack

In this film starring Peter Sellers as Fred Kite the Union man along with Ian Carmichael, a Heinkel is used through out the film.


Intelligence Men

A Reliant Regal Mk VI is spotted in this 1965 film.

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in this picture.


Maximum Risk

At the start of this 1996 Jean Claude Van Damm film the hero’s  twin brother pilots a Piaggio Ape with a cut down cab in a chase sequence before crashing through the windscreen of a car.


Million Dollar Hotel

The Corbin Sparrow appears several times throughout Bono’s 2001 movie, “Million Dollar Hotel”.



In the 1983 James Bond film Octopussy starring Roger Moore, Tuk-Tuk taxis are used throughout the film. During the film a "high speed" chase in which Bond and his aide ( Vijay Amritraj) erupts as they race through the back streets in a tuk-tuk taxi (Bajaj  autorickshaw?) pursued by the baddies, also in a tuk-tuk. Another 3-wheeler is also seen in the opening sequence at a petrol station with wings folded up either side. (see insert)

y thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in this picture.


Nightmare Rally


In the 1973 Walt Disney film; Nightmare Rally' a Reliant Regal Supervan III and Bond Bug  were both featured. The film is about a  group of crooks who steal 1 million of diamonds. The gems are hidden in a fish crate, collected from Billingsgate market in the Regal. The diamonds  subsequently end up hidden the seat of a racing car entered in a 24 hour rally.  As the rally gets underway the film becomes a wild chase! The Bond Bug is used as a rally Marshall's car.

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in this picture.


On the Buses

In the original 1971 “On the Buses” film a Reliant Regal 3/30 appears several times out side one of the houses of Jack’s “bit of stuff” along with a Reliant Regal Mk 6 parked in the street.

My thanks to Darren Foster for sending in this picture.


Once upon a time in the Midlands

This 2002 film starring Robert Carlyle and Rhys Ifans features a pink Reliant Rialto that is driven by Rhys Ifans’ character “Dek” when his car is in the garage.


Plughead Rewied: Cicuitry Man II

In this 1994 movie  film starring Vernon Wells and Traci Lords, two of the characters drive an aerodynamic 3-wheeled car.

My thanks to Kerry Croxton for sending in this picture.



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