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Media Articles.

Tamworth Times (Page 2 - 3,  7th September 2006)

On September 7th the Tamworth Times featured a story on the Tamworth Heritage weekend, a weekend in which a number of events and buildings would be opened to the public for free to celebrate Tamworth’s heritage.

As the Reliant was made in Tamworth, I loaned my Reliant Regal Supervan III for the day along with my brother who was to bring along a 1949 Reliant from the Black Country Living Museum. Along with a photo of our vehicles the article read:

Robin Reliant fans can se at least two of the vehicles on display outside Tamworth Information Centre, Market Street to mark Tamworth’s contribution to the car industry on September 10th.  Elvis Payne, author of How to restore Reliant Regal, has loaned his blue 1972 Reliant Regal Supervan III for the day and a 1949 Reliant 8cwt van will also be on display from the Black Country Living Museum.