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Texas Rocket

The Texas Rocket was designed and built by Maurice Bourne of Marquez, Texas (USA) in the early 1990’s.  It was built as a prototype and only one exists. It is powered by an 1100cc Honda Goldwing power plant complete with drive train, rear suspension, and rear wheel. The front axle is taken from an MGB sports car and utilises the stock MG control arms, rack-and-pinion, springs, shocks, spindles, and disc brakes.  The frame of The Texas Rocket is built of thin-wall chrome-molly 4130 steel tubing. The fibreglass body was taken from 13 hand-built female moulds. Body panels are built up with gel coat, mat, and fibreglass cloth. Body panels vary in thickness from .100 of an inch, up to .175 of an inch, depending on areas of stress.  The Texas Rocket is street legal and licensed in the state of Texas as a motorcycle. It seats two adults in surprising comfort and is as easy to drive as any automobile.

All controls are patterned after an automobile, rather than a motorcycle. The Texas Rocket is fun to drive, easy to handle, and perfectly stable in all ordinary driving situations. With the present power unit and gearing it has a top speed of a little over 100 miles per hour. It is a fun, safe, and a  crowd pleasing little touring automobile."  M.W Bourne currently manufacture state of the art motorcycle trailers of which the Aero Sport model is their best seller but they hope to create another 3-wheeler in the near future.

Texas Rocket

The Texas Rocket. (My thanks to Maurice Bourne for allowing me to use this picture from his web site and for writing the text on this page.)

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