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Trident Motors Inc.

Located in Columbus, Ohio (USA), Trident Motors Inc. (A division for K.V.V. Enterprises) made a number of utility vehicles both 4 and 3-wheelers. The 4-wheeler (The M-25 Multi-truck) was a diesel powered vehicle that had over 20 quick interchangeable bodies to turn the vehicle from everything to a pick up truck to a snow plough.

The 3-wheeled Trident range (The Trident R-834) were also work horses though powered by a Reliant 848cc 4-stroke, 4 cylinder aluminum engine.  The vehicles came in a number of guises each with a steel chassis (believed to have been a heavily modified version of that fitted to a 3-wheeled Reliant Robin) and various steel bodies with seating for two. Each vehicle had a 1,000 lb. payload capacity dumped bed with an hydraulic tilting system. 

Like the 4-wheeled range each vehicle had a “quick pin disconnect system” that allowed components to be interchanged from various models. These included the Trident R-834/T, an open top version which had a hydraulic back with hinged sides and the R-834 as an enclosed cab version.

Early version had a single headlight though In 1985 the vehicles received slight changes that included dual headlights with indicators mounted either side. These included the Trident R-834R which was an enclosed cab version with a deep dumper body at the back and the Trident R-834P that was identical though fitted with a shallower pick up body at the rear.

Production of the Trident is believed to have ceased in the late 1980s.

1983 Trident R-834. (My thanks to Dave Gourley for this photo of his Trident)

Trident R-834/T

Trident R-834R

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