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Media Articles.

Tamworth Herald (Page 39 - 1st December 2005)

On December 1st my local newspaper the Tamworth Herald featured a story talking about my book launch.

A Tamworth Reliant fanatic has written a book on his treasured three-wheeler passion.

Following on from his now world-famous website success, Elvis Payne has written the book 'How to Restore a Reliant Regal'.

A special book signing is going to be held in Tamworth on Saturday, December 17, when there will also be a convoy of the Reliant owners club driving through the town.

The actual Reliant Regal - a 1972 Supervan III - that Elvis restored will also be on display in Market Street, opposite the Tourist Information Centre, where the signing will take place.

He said: "The regal needed totally restoring from the ground up. I never really planned to do a total restore, but it was seriously great fun. I hope that by publishing my book it will help other people who are thinking of taking on a similar project."

Elvis was offered the publishing deal after his Internet site rapidly became world famous, attracting hundreds of thousands of hits and resulting in 40 emails a day from fellow fanatics.