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Tamworth Herald. (Page 3 April 12th 2007)

Herald Leader.       (Page 8 April 18th 2007)

Although myself or this web site was not mentioned, my Reliant (with logo pasted out) was featured in a story published in both the Tamworth Herald and Herald Leader asking readers to vote on what “landmark” they would like to see.

An idea was that on one of the roundabouts leading into Tamworth, a floral display would be made that either featured the town’s coat of arms or the shell of a Reliant Robin (as Reliant vehicles were made in Tamworth). Then there was a choice that featured the shell of a Reliant Robin, a few old tyres and a fridge!!  (Apparently symbols of how Tamworth is doing so well recycling ... or as everyone else sees it - legal fly tipping by the council.)


Out of interest only about 4% of those who voted, did so for the Reliant Robin. The winner was a floral display that made up the town’s coat of arms.

Tamworth Herald

Herald Leader