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Tamworth Herald (Page 29 - 23rd June 2005)

On June 23rd was featured in my local newspaper the Tamworth Herald who did an article on my publishing deal.  The article had a few errors in it as I did not get the car from ebay and the publishers’s name was spelt wrong, but this was the story:

Reliant Robin fan Elvis gets a publishing deal.

By Hannah Greeves - News Reporter.

Thanks to the worldwide success of his website, a Tamworth Reliant Robin enthusiast has been offered a publishing deal for a book on his three-wheeler passion.

Elvis Payne from Glascote set up the acclaimed site over five years ago which covers the history of the famous Tamworth motor manufacturer and has now grown to almost 1,000 pages.

It has become so famous among collectors that software giant Microsoft have even added it as a reference point in their Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia.

As the site became popular Elvis commissioned 1,000 promotional Reliant Regal Supervan III models to be made by Lledo with the web site logo on the side.

In January 2004 a real Reliant Supervan - made popular by the television series, 'Only Fools and Horses' came up for sale on the Internet auction site, 'e-bay'.

Elvis said: "The owners liked the idea of it being turned into one of my models and let it go cheap."

The vehicle needed to be gutted before Elvis rebuilt it as a replica of his promotional models.

"The rebuild is featured on the website and after seeing it Velcoe Publishing approached me and asked if I could create a restoration book for the Regal for their car restoration series.

"A few emails and signed contracts later, the deal was done.

"The book is heavily based on my restoration and, all being well, will be published later this year."