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Win a copy of Stephen Vokins new book “Weird Cars”

Published by Haynes Publishing, Weird Cars is a large hardback book full of strange and curious vehicles.  With hundreds of photos of various motorised oddities the book is an enjoyable read over and over again.  It was with much delight that I discovered Stephen Vokins used this web site for part of his research and so 3-wheelers.com in listed in the Acknowledgments at the back of the book.

As a result Haynes Publishing sent me a complimentary copy of the book but then I was invited over to the British Embassy in Paris where upon I met Stephen and he gave me a signed copy.  It would be greedy for me to keep two and so, with Stephen Vokins’ backing, I thought I would give my original complimentary copy (unsigned) away in a competition.

To win the book entrants had to think of a funny caption for the photo opposite. In total there were 57 entries. The winning entry was George Chauncey with:

“Are you sure your Mother-In Law won't fit through the door?”

“Are you sure your Mother-In Law won't fit through the door?”

Top 20 captions:

My thanks to all who entered.  Whilst they do not win a prize these are the top 20 captions that were entered into the competition.

"15 nuts to hold the body on, but only 2 nuts needed to remove it!"  (Ray Whitehurst)

“I'm so glad they made the drive-train a low cost, field replacable unit!” (“geowilkins1”)

"I sure wish I had wiped the Crazy Glue off of my hands before grabbing this  body!" (Dave Mounce)

“Changing the sparkplugs on the Regal was always rather a fiddly job.” (Barry Frost)

”..can’t lift a car,. I’ll show her!” (Zach Tyler)

"I took the doors off to make it lighter- they're in the back, bruv." (George Osbourne)

“To think I was born in the back of this” (John Copestake)

“You’re only meant to lift the bloody doors off” (Malcolm Norris)

"This'll wipe the smile off your face!!" (Alan Edgar)

"Car thieves caught in act stealing weird car piece by piece" (Barry Frost)

" Elvis has left the (re)building " (Terrys Model Cars)

" Ok , so it fits an Isetta chassis ... but can you steer looking over your shoulder ? " (Terrys Model Cars)

“Auto obstetrician delivering a new car.” (Edward Samson)

“Now when we get the doors on, we can sail it down the river” (Tony Johnson)

"Mental note, must buy a jack" (Joanne McGahey)

Three more lugs and I can change this flat tire!” (Larry Miller III)

That'll teach the wheel clampers! (Tony Johnson)

The following three were of many along similar lines.  It seems most of you thought my brother was passing wind or delivering a baby.

"Who farted? Was that you, stinking like that?" (George Elliot)

"As the very nearsighted Dr. Payne continued to urge Mrs. Smyth to bear down harder, he suddenly realized, much to his chagrin, that this indeed was not his patient, nor was he in the delivery room!"  (Douglas Tuttle)

“The birth of the very first 3wheelers.com model” (Jack Baten

Competition was run in March 2005.

The Prize for the best caption:

Stephen Vokin’s latest book “Weird Cars”, A century of the world’s strangest cars.

128 pages, 250 illustrations.

RRP: 14.99

If you didn’t win the competition, you can buy a copy directly from Haynes online


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