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Stoke in Steam, Stoke on Trent. 13th - 14th July 2002. ( Staffs, UK)

Forward by Elvis Payne

Report by Geoff Payne

Pictures by Elvis & Geoff Payne

Forward: Elvis Payne

On the 14th July 2002 I went with my parents to the Stoke in Steam festival and was suprised to see a number of 3-wheelers there. My brother was also there and he has compiled the main report for this web site. The show also marked the first time that I have seen a Lomax in the flesh and its owner (John Plant) let me try it out for size. It was great though my long legs always seem to get in the way of things.  Amongst other 3-wheelers the show also had two very rare ones with a 1946 Inver and a 1949 Tri-Van. I shall let my brother continue this story.

Report: Geoff Payne

Me (Elvis) trying John Plantís Lomax out for size.

During my time at this steam festival I saw some rare trike sights as well as some well known three wheelers. The first find was a 1949 Tri Van built in Wolverhampton. It has a 168cc Turner-Tiger engine, which as can be seen from the picture, sits on the front wheel. The owner (Lee Wood)  only knows of one more to have survived and thatís in Tenerife. The next item that I came across was a Lomax. This was a very nice example that the owner (John Plant) had customized it to his own style. As most of you will know itís one of many kit cars to make use of the 2CV engine and sub frame. Other cars that were found were a BMW Isetta and a Trojan, which is the first time I have seen one in real life. The last find which is said to be the only one to survive is the Inver trike built in 1946. Not two much is know about this machine. The owner told me that it has a 174cc Villiner engine and is equipped with electric start as well as a pull start (the lower lever on the picture). The steering is done by means of turning the top of the lever and the little silver handle which you see attached to that is a hand brake as is the black lever on the far side of the trike. The owner says that this machine is good for 50 miles per hour (approx 90 kph) though they seem as unstable as the blue invalid cars that replaced them in the 1950ís.



All photos below by Geoff Payne

1949 Tri-Van

BMW Isetta


1946 Inver (with Geoff aboard)