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There are lots of photos from my recent Regal restoration that make me smile but none as much as this one. This is one of my favourite photos.  I had just spent a whole morning flattening the paint work with 1500 grade wet and dry and blue hand prints were starting to appear here there and everywhere as I went into the boot of my car to get additional sheets of wet and dry. When my girlfriend came out to see if I wanted a cup of tea I just silently raised my hand and she burst out laughing and said, "You're turning into a smurf".  Then she noticed the blue hand prints everywhere and said, "Will that come off".  "Yes Dear" I replied jokingly.  It was then that she rushed into the house to capture this shot and my hand almost blends into to the car in the background.

The paint came off my hands easy but not the car.  I left the hand prints on there all weekend without thinking and they some how embedded them self into the wax on the car. For about two weeks afterwards I had faint blue hand prints on the car and people were asking me, "Why are they blue hand prints on your car?"  Luckily after a good scrubbing with some wonderous product they did vanish in the end.