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A few answers to a few questions you may have.

What is the Shop?

The shop is a virtual store where you can buy items supporting the logo.  It is created through association with CafePress who provide all the products directly to you.  I supply CafePress with images I wish to use and the products I wish to sell and they make them to order.

Iím in the UK and it looks like a US based shop?

Yes, Whilst this site is situated in the UK, CafePress are located in the USA and therefore only accept payment in dollars. At the moment they do not have a European outlet.  For those of you in the US this is not a problem but some folks in the UK may be a bit reluctant to buy items.  Donít be. I have contacted other UK webmaster's who have CafePress stores and they say they are delighted with the service and delivery to the UK usually takes about 10 days from date of order.

What if what I order isnt right, who do I shout at?

Not me!  I have no control over the transaction. When you purchase items its purely between you and CafePress and so you should contact them in the first instance.  From what I have heard about them though they are very good and efficient.  Naturally should you have problems. whilst I may not be able to help, I would appreciate knowing about them.

So will CafePress be selling models then?

No, the only place you can get these are directly from me via this web site or via ebay. The models are in no way conected with CafePress.

Do you get commission?

Yes. CafePress have a base price and I choose a price for the items to sell over that price and keep the difference as commission. Iím not greedy though and so all items are just $1 more.  Therefore for every item you buy $1 will be sent towards maintaining the cost of this web site..

I bet the postage cost a lot?

Well actually no, it is quite a good price no matter where you live. You can find out full details about delivery and the various methods used on CafePressí web site at

Enter Shop

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