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Designed and built by Shell Research (yes, that Shell  with the Pectern) in 1999, it is a hybrid solar electric car, with an all up  weight of 98 kg, including the on-board batteries. Powered by a Research  standard Brushless DC electric motor of 1 hp output designed and made by  Sheffield University (UK), it is capable of a range of about 50 miles on its two  small batteries (12kg total weight), or as far as you can go while the sun  shines! Top speed is over 50mph on the level. (and yes, it does go round corners  rather well, with it's low centre of gravity) Carbon fibre composite one piece  body weighing about 20kg, with a glass encapsulated 250w p 1.6 sq m solar panel  (about 22kg). Fully independent suspension with disc brakes on all wheels.  It is capable of carrying one person with an all up car and vehicle weight of 200kgs.  Over a 1000 mile run in Australia, it recorded an  equivalent fuel consumption  of over 7000 mpg at an average speed of about 20mph on sunshine!. Overall length  is 2.5m, width is 1.5m and height 1 m. Cd 0.125

The 1999 Shell Solar Car (No 2) (My thanks to John Bannell for sending in this picture and for the text on this page)

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