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Owner’s Vehicle Reviews.

Reviews on the Vespa.

1 Review:


Review 1:

Vespa 650 (Pre-Ape) - Two Seater with Tipper body.

Review by Shaun Stearman.

Manufactured: 1972.  Engine: 49cc

Rating:  5/10

A partially famous little truck this one. Shaun rescued this Vespa 650 Tipper from a Newcastle small holding.  The previous owners were a film company who supplied vehicles for Heartbeat and The Royal among others. The Vespa was used in  a chase scene and then crashed. It was dressed as a Milk Float and butchered quite badly to take the explosives. Shaun is now in the process of a restoration and if anyone can help with knowledge of the truck or parts information he would be really greatful. We believe it is a 1972-73 Vespa 650 unless you know better. Please contact him on