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Ownerís Vehicle Reviews.

Reviews on the Trihawk.

2 Reviews:

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Review 1:

Trihawk - (304 - Two seater -Convertable)

Rating:  10/10

Review by Gerry Sinclair.  URL: N/A

Manufactured: 1985.  Engine: 1,299cc

Fun, cosy, quick, low & responsive.

Information on Trihawk.

This Trihawk is fun and every one that sees it is in disbelief.  They ask what is it, a kit car. No I say, this is a production motorcycle from the US. It is stabler then any vehicle, including bikes, that I have ever driven. You can take corners at any speed it can go up to .91gs. Its acceleration is 0-60 MPH in 9.24 Sec. It has a Citroen GSA 1300cc flat 4 air-cooled 4 stroke engine. The specs for the engine trike are as follows: 64HP at 5500 RP, torque 72 ft lbs at 3500 RPM, not to bad the trike weights 1350 LBS. 5 speed trans, front disc brakes back drum. The Trihawk was made in California between 82 - 85 there was about 100 made. And when it gets cool or rains put the top up and turn on the heat. I have taking it camping with my daugter with just using the storage area in the back. The bad points so far is getting in and out of it as its hard  but well worth it. Getting parts now are avaliable. There are some for sale if you are willing to pay 10,000 US and up. I think you can not get a better three wheeled trike any where. I have been driving this trike for 2 years now with no problems. I am also designing and building a one wheel trailer for it. I know its different but this unique trike is one of the best designed trikes I have seen too so why not give it a unique unusual trailer too. Keep on Trihawking.

Review 2:

Trihawk - (304 - Two seater -Roadster)

Rating:  10/10

Review by Warren Behler. URL: N/A

Manufactured: Jan 1985.  Engine: 1,299cc

102,000 miles and still going.

The 1983 / 84 Car Driver Yearbook when writing about going around corners said of the Trihawk Itís the Best Handling vehicle you can buy ....Period.  It is. It handles so well because of its front-wheel-drive with 75% of its weight up there. The local Porsche drivers around here donít wave to me anymore. Trihawks run best when they have a Porsche or two for breakfast.  The vehicle is dead reliable. Iíve been thru 17-western states as far east as Des Moines, Iowa. My wife and I went 100-mi in a snowstorm in Nebraska, with the top doors and the heater on we were nice and cozy. Its the most fun you can have on three-wheels. I think Ill keep it around for another 102,000-miles......