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Owner’s Vehicle Reviews.

Reviews on the Nobel.

1 Reviews:


Review 1:

Nobel - (200 - Two seater )

Rating:  8/10

Review by David.  URL: N/A

Manufactured: 1961.  Engine: 191cc

A fun runabout.

Information on Nobel.

A well-built 3-wheel vehicle, glass-fibre body, solid wood floor, Transverse leaf-spring front suspension. Rear mounted single cylinder 191cc Sachs engine same as Messerschmitt KR200; accessible through hatch behind rear seat. No reverse gear. The engine must be stopped and restarted backwards thus all forward gears are also available in reverse. The best looking of the micro cars in my opinion.  Nice interior and dash with just a speedometer. Front bench seat for two which tilts forward to give access to tiny rear seat. Sliding side windows in front, flat glass windshield, curved perspex rear window. Two side rearward opening doors. Hella 35 watt headlamps. Underpowered but pleasant to drive with very direct steering. Noisy as expected but sound deadening under the rear hatch helped a little. I sold the car when the barrel and piston seized due to lack of use.