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Owner’s Vehicle Reviews.

Reviews on the Rand Mailster.

1 Review:


Review 1:

Mailster - (Single Seater)

Rating:  5/10

Information on Mailster

Review by Weldon Stockton  URL: N/A

Manufactured: 1966.  Engine: 2 cylinder Onan 18 hp

Not too good if fast driver.

It has fully enclosed fiberglass body. I use it in parades. 3 speed transmission, manual clutch hydraulic brakes. Careful when cornering, bad brakes body sways from side to side. I drive slow in the parades so it is o.k.. Good engine, nice looking, needs suspension work, need info on this vehicle. Was used to deliver mail and was said to be one of the worst mail vehicles produced. I have it in good shape but mysterious problem with the brakes. Need to be a hustler to get parts, some are hard to find.