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Owner’s Vehicle Reviews.

Reviews on the Lomax.

1 Review:


Review 1:

Lomax 223 - Continental

Rating:  8/10

Review by Les Smith. URL: N/A

Manufactured: 1994.  Engine: 602cc

Information on Lomax.

Used daily the Lomax is a cheap to run smile per mile motor, being the continental model it retains a heater (Mini fan for boost) and with wet weather gear is fine for winter use, doors also help with entry in winter. It has had only one problem (brakes) which was down to lack of use by its previous owner who mainly used it for shows. The gel coat has defects by dark marking due to poor quality control but may be limited to early models or certain colours Red/Green, however a respray is not a problem due to small panels. It could do with a larger fuel tank (3 Gal) but this lasts me over a week constant use.Useful extras are electronic ignition (Luminition) and anti roll bar. The engine is willing and performs well however don't expect to set the tarmac alight, spares are very available and it is easy for DIY. Highly recomended.