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Owner’s Vehicle Reviews.

Reviews on the BMW /Isetta.

1 Review:


Information on BMW / Isetta

Review 1:

BMW Isetta - Two Seater

Rating:  10/10

Review by Richard Jones.


Vehicle Minimilism

Manufactured: 1961.  Engine: 298cc

Heavily engineered. Will literally go through anything, as long as you aren’t in a hurry. Dropped a valve three years ago, my fault, didn‘t change the exhaust valve for one of club manufacture. Even though minimal damage done still cost me £200 to fix barrel & piston head. This Scottish holiday, see web page (URL above), was a lot of fun and you see so much more of the countryside at 30mph than you do at 70. Very relaxing, but a challenge for the car, all the same. Final day’s drive home was 360 miles in 12 hours, a bit tiring but satisfying to reach the end.