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Owner’s Vehicle Reviews.

Reviews on the Grinnall.

1 Review:


Review 1:

Grinnall Scorpion (2-seater / open)

Review by Gary Church URL: N/A

Rating:  9/10

Manufactured: 1995.  Engine: 1100cc

The best toy I ever had.

Information on Grinnall

I bought my Scorpion used a year ago and have enjoyed almost every moment of it. I say almost since I did manage to over heat the clutch practicing fast getaways which resulted in the clutch ripping through the bell housing. I fixed this and I am now far gentler with the clutch. The performance is quite stunning up to about 90mph whereupon the acceleration does begin to slow but I have 130mph once. I generally try to keep the speed down and revel in it's overtaking ability where it is easy to pass 3 or 4 cars at a time. Handling is very good and when the limit is reached the car understeers which is the safer option. Mid corner bumps do unsettle it and one an end up bouncing across to the other side of the road so it is best to slow down on bumpy roads. The obvious disadvantage is the lack of wet weather protection and noise which can be tiring on long journeys. However use it for short countryside blasts and it is absolutely brilliant.