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Owner’s Vehicle Reviews.

Reviews on the Replicar Cursor.

2 Reviews:

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Information on Replicar

Review 1:

Cursor - (G.T - Single Seater)

Rating:  9/10

Review by Richard Moulds.  URL: N/A

Manufactured: 1985.  Engine: 49cc

Fun motoring.

Lift open the canopy and step into the cockpit and snuggle into what is a very comfortable driving position. With good all round vision.  Turn the key and press the button and the little 2 stroke Suzuki motor ting tings into life. Release the handbrake and foot on the accelerator and we are away. First obstacle a roundabout.  Hang on I haven’t got the acceleration of a normal car, I must wait for a decent break in traffic. Whew that was close.  People are very patient on the road as they don’t see too many fifty c.c. 3 wheeled microcars. I need to fill up, I pop into the garage pull next to the unleaded pump. 1 gal is all I need, how much small change have I got a couple of quid that will fill her up. Oh no it won’t start never mind I can use my pull start here we go me old beauty you little darling lets get going. £15 road tax now who’s laughing as I have had it now for 3 years all I have done is change the gearbox oil and derestrict it and it has transformed this little funloving vehicle into an adequate town car easily reaching 30 mph. Not bad when you consider that I weigh 20 stone.

Review 2:

Cursor - (G.T - Two Seater)

Rating:  10/10

Review by Richard Moulds.  URL: N/A

Manufactured: 1986.  Engine: 49cc

Grin from ear to ear.

Open the gull wing door and you will be very surprised as to the room that you have. I am 20 stone and I have carried passengers for some distance, okay you are a bit cramped but you are guaranteed to get there.  Very good fuel consumption and keeps up with modern day traffic in town.  Always causes an interest, you can hear little children say, “Can I have one”. It takes a while to get used to the handling charcteristics but once mastered never forgotten. You do tend to get a speed wobble. Can be a bit frightening at 50mph. Very practical motor in todays climate. No mechanical problems throughout the 3 Years I have owned it. You can increase the engine size by buying the whole swinging arm of an automatic scooter and then you have a faster vehicle. Brilliant fun.