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Reviews on the Ariel.

1 Review:

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Review 1:

Ariel 3 - (Tilting Moped)

Rating:  None Given

Review by George Osborn. URL: N/A

Manufactured: 1969.  Engine: 47cc

Top speed of 25mph feels fast enough and cornering is best done carefully. Only nearside rear wheel has drive and brake and so it goes left when you brake and right under power. Pedal to start the engine and direct magneto lighting and so at night you set off into darkness till its turning. But itís fun in itís way and turns heads and gives you time to talk to pedestrians as you pass.

Review 2:

Ariel 3 - (Tilting Moped)

Rating:  7/10

Review by Harry Young. URL: N/A

Manufactured: 1971.  Engine: 47cc

Very odd but smart design.

I have found it to be a lot of fun to drive and the torsion bar tilt system to be pretty smart way of leaning into slow speed turns. A quick or sudden turn will almost always get the inside rear tire off the ground but with a moped this is no danger. Easy to maintain, it seems to last forever. Parts are not too hard to find and most things can be repaired. Itís a fun toy.