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Road safety in the UK: Facts and figures 

Motorists undoubtedly face many hazards when on the road and RAC’s annual Report on Motoring reveals one of UK motorist’s biggest concerns when it comes to driving is road safety. Whilst road safety has come a long way since 1988 when seatbelts and airbags were not compulsory safety features in vehicles, an increased dependency on cars has meant there are a greater number of risks on our roads.

The new statistics show a third (33%) of motorist’s feel more dependent on their cars now than they did twelve months ago - a jump from 27% in 2017. Almost a quarter of drivers suggest the deterioration of public transport is to blame for this increase in vehicle dependency.

The report also reveals a number of road safety features and regulations that have been put into place over the last 30 years, from the first Gatso speed camera installed in 1992 on Twickenham Bridge, to the introduction of banning the use of handheld phones whilst driving. Despite this, UK motorists still regard the use of mobile phones at the wheel their second largest concern of 2018. After the 2016

Report on Motoring revealed illegal use of mobile phones behind the wheel had reached epidemic proportions, a new penalty was introduced in 2017, doubling the number of points drivers can receive on their license for the offence to six, and increasing the fine to 200 too.

But topping all other concerns expressed by the nations motorists this year, is the condition and maintenance of of our roads. 42% suggested the deterioration of UK roads was of major concern, with 30% saying government transport investment should prioritise local road investment first and foremost. This figure is considerably higher than the previous year, with only a third of people the year before expressing this same concern.

“I think there is a strong case to be made that the weather conditions experienced in many parts of the UK at the end of winter have had a significant impact on the condition of both local and major roads, and that this has been reflected in this year’s Report,” said Chief Executive of IAM Roadsmart, Mike Quinton.


You can read the full RAC Report on Motoring 2018 here.



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