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These are your 3-Wheeler Projects.

Gallery 008

My thanks go to Mikael Fredriksson for these photos of his 3-wheeler project. The text and images have been taken from my forum. Mikael writes:

Hello! My name is Mikael Fredriksson and living in Ume in Sweden and Im 26 years old.  I thought I could show you "3-wheeler fans" my projekt. Its based on a Suziki GSX 1000 R -01 motorcycle. As you already know it has 160bhp and a very light alloyframe. I started to build the front frame (made of steel) for about 4 mounth ago. Its my own design. The body is going to look like a formula 3000 whithout all wings, or something like that Made by fiberglass and alloy.  Its going to be a very large twosited vehicle with "of course" pushrod front suspension.

:Wheelbase 310cm
:Width: 212cm
:Length: 440cm
:Dryweight : About 350kg

Some pictures! (go to page 10) I call me Fas T

Im konstrukting a TURBO kit to my GSX-R 1000 bike engine (hoping for 260-280hp ) with computer programible fule injektion.