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These are your 3-Wheeler Projects.

Gallery 005

My thanks go to Johan Boekhoom for these photos of his Trigger.  Johan writes:

My name is Jeroen Boekhoorn, 35 years old and I'm the president of Trigger Technics B.V.

When I was 19 years old I started thinking about building a sports car on 3 wheels which should fill the gap in the market and should become a sports car for the middle class workers. I started drawing and drawing which has led to the big Trigger of which I have attached the specifications and pictures. It has been approved 3,5 years ago now and in between the 13 years a lot of things have happened. Drawing the model till building of the big Trigger took a lot of hours, frustration blood and tears if you imagine that I was working at it in a small basement, so every time I wanted to have it outside and assemble it all the parts had to be carried upstairs. The time I thought a production type was ready cheap sports cars like the Mazda MX5 and lotus Elise entered the market so the commercial idea didn't longer stand. Therefore there is only one big Trigger.

I have raced with the big Trigger several times on the racing circuit of Zandvoort and at one time I spinned and rolled over a few times and wrecked the big Trigger. Perhaps nice to mention that Jan Lammers, the formal Dutch F1 driver, pulled me out of my big Trigger. I finally decided to make The big Trigger 10 cm wider and gave the car a new look and colour. The steering and grip of the car is superb and when I drive it people still can't stop staring and the acceleration is still big fun.

The specifications of the big Trigger are:

Chassis : steel

Bodywork : glasfiber/polyester

length : 3.50m

height : 1.15m

width : 1.75m

wheelbase : 2.38m

Weight : 500kg

0 - 100 : 5,8 sec

top speed : +\- 220km/h 105 km/h 1e gear . 155 2e gear

5 speed (sequential)

Tyres front 195/45 15"

Tyre rear 225/45 16"

Brakes: 3x disc

Engine: Yamaha FZR 1000 exup

Max. Output 150 hp 10.500 rpm.

Max. rpm 11500

4 cilinder 1000cc

5 Valves ( 5 Valve three inlet and two outlet p/cilinder)

Capacity patrol tank 30 liter.





Photo 1 & 2: First version of the big Trigger

Big Trigger and small brother.

Big Trigger.

Because the Big Trigger couldn't be commercialised I started thinking about a new venture after I visited Italy. This became the Trigger Scooter Car of which I have attached a picture and specifications as well. It recently has successfully entered the US market and we expect a lot the sell in the future.

This model has a European Type and DOT approval and can be looked at on