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These are your 3-Wheeler Projects.

Gallery 044

My thanks go to Paul Elkins in the USA for these photos of his 3-wheeler. Paul writes:

This high mileage vehicle is intended for anyone in need of a simple mode of transportation to get around town or possibly for the unfortunate DWI recipient who's lost there lisence to drive.

Technically in Washington state it can be classified as either a motorized tricycle or a moped, and that will depend on how nice and accepting the local police or state trooper is, the latter costing me $36 a year for registration fees and a drivers license. At least no vehicle insurance is required, although one would want some type of coverage to be smart :) 

It was launched the other day so minor dodads still need to be added and I've yet to figure the actual MPG. All in all I'm happy with how it came out.
Maximum speed is 20 mph which is fast enough for this short of a wheel base.