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Projects Gallery

These are your 3-Wheeler Projects.

Gallery 040

My thanks go to Mike Bennett for these photos of his 3-wheeler. Mike writes:

...i have recently acquired a new vehicle to my
collection.. It belonged to a friend of mine and was used all the time on the road up to two and a half years ago. He then asked me to store it for him, not having
the room. I acquired it from him a couple of weeks ago..uncovered it and began to check it over.. A bit tatty, but up and running, registered in 1976, has a 1098 leyland mini engine, on the log book the make is a (
leyland 1000 ) tax and body are ( tricycle ). after looking through your site the only vehicle which resembles it is the A.F. Cars built by Alexander Fraser, I wondered if it was one of his.. if you have any info or know anyone with one i would be very greatfull.


I then pointed out that there was a similar vehicle in the 3-wheeler gallery.

Hi Elvis, thanks for the info, i did look at gallery 277, then i noticed gallery 275 the vehicle owned by Paul Townley both look very interesting, I will try and find some more info on ken hallett, would it be possible for
you to pass on my email to Paul Townley.. The only trouble is there are a lot of one off vehicles built, the name on mine is, Leyland Skip 1000..
Will keep looking..