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These are your 3-Wheeler Projects.

Gallery 004

My thanks go to Stephen Stringer for these photos of his concept 3-wheeler. Steven writes:

I attach a picture of a Concept I built in 1991, although what you see is only a " Mule " that is a full size Concept Model, it is fully mobile, that is if you push it.

It was my intention to use the Honda Gold Wing or BMW K1 power plant or even Electric, the only problem has been having the time to do it.

We AAD (Alternative Automotive Design) create Claymodels and Concepts for the Transport industry in the USA and South Africa, although I am from the Mother Land " Rule Britannia "

If their is any interested parties out there that think this would work then I may be interested in selling the project and all molds, tools etc. or may consider completing and offering in Kit form if enough interest was there.

You can contact Stephen at

Upadate March 1st 2004

Following the entry of this vehicle into the Project Gallery I had an e-mail from Stephen saying:

Elvis !

The new site looks Great. We keep getting emails from people around the world about " Qui Moto " as shown on your Gallery page.


I kept wondering were the enquiries came from, then I looked at your site, Eureka the culprit or should I say the instigator, well I really appreciate the letters, makes it all worth while.

Please add a link to as we will be having a month long Clay Modeling workshop in Texas if there is anyone out there interested in building a new Three Wheeler concept I would use that subject as the main "Full Size Project " the dates are not yet finalized but June and September look like working.

I also attach an article on the build up of Qui Moto, written by a good friend David Featherstone, an Oz'y living in the USA. I do have the reprint rights so there is no problem posting it,

... Again Great work,

Stephen Stringer " clayman "

The files Stephen attached can be downloaded here:

1) Clay to Car Article. (345k - Zip format containing JPG images)

2) Details of Clay modelling seminar (177k - Zip format containing JPG images)

Update June 1st 2004

Following on from the last e-mail, Steve has e-mailed again with the latest update:

Still getting enquires from around the globe so now I have purchased a 2004 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing , trashed when the rider hit a Deer, all the drive train is as new, 2,000 miles only so now we start to construct the running prototype unit.

Parts or Kits will be available by November this year, and will include the Chassis, Body and Clear Canopy. We will be basing all the Instruments, Power Train, Rear suspension on the GL1800 as a Donor vehicle, and will be offering a Basic version in FRP with standard suspension, Carbon /Kevlar body upgrade with many options up to the all singing and dancing Tilting suspension and Gimble'ing Cockpit " Lean Clean Machine " version. No prices yet but will post as soon as possible.

Thanks for a GREAT web site.

Steve Stringer.

PS. Just added new pages to the site, click on the AAD logo and then download the video for a quick look at our operation in TX.