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These are your 3-Wheeler Projects.

Gallery 039

My thanks go to Geoff Davies for these photos of his Howecette. Geoff writes:

The howecette was built by Bob Howard in 1968. It won the special of the year award at the BMF Rally in 1978 when I first saw it. I purchased it from him in 2002 when it was in a delapitated state. I refurbished it and used it regulary until 2008 when I sold it.

The original engine was a 500cc Velocette MAC but bob Howard fitted a 500cc Venom engine sometime in the 70s or 80s. The front end mechanicals are from an early 50s Ford Popular. It was intersting to drive. one half turn of the steering wheel took it from lock to lock. If you stalled it you had to undo the stteering wheel locks and swivel the wheel up, gey out and go around the offside and kick it up. I explored fitting an electric start but sold it without solving the problem.