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These are your 3-Wheeler Projects.

Gallery 030

My thanks go to Mike Hahn in the USA for this rendering for the TruckCycle.  Mike writes"

This is the concept for a custom made three-wheeled Truck/Motorcyle called TruckCycle.

The vehicle can be made out of an old compact truck and a motorcycle. The truck's engine, transmission, rear axle and rear wheels are removed. The space under the front hood of the truck can be used for trunk space. The existing rear frame of the truck is modified and customized so that a motorcycle can be attached to the truck and used as the engine source, and for the rear wheel and the rear brake. The front end of the truck is used for the cabin, steering, front brakes, etc. A retractable jack is attached to the rear frame of the truck to raise up the rear end so that the motorcycle can be attached. Once the motorcycle is attached and locked in place, the jack is retracted back up and locked. A throttle linkage from the gas pedal of the truck is attached to the motorcycle's throttle. Linkage lines also run from the motorcycle's brake, clutch and gear shift mechanism to the cab of the truck. An electric harness with a plug runs from the motorcycle to the truck's battery to power the truck's electrical components, such as the windshield wipers, brake lights, turn signals, and headlights. An electric unit is added for heating and air conditioning the truck's cabin. The motorcycle's gas tank is used for fuel storage, as well as an (optional) additional spare tank in the bed of the truck. The rear of the truck is tapered inward and joined together by a protective crossbar that can be lifted aside to put the motorcycle into the frame. The motorcycle is fastened so that it can be quickly removed and driven separately. The truck cab and bed are left detached and standing on the retractable jackstand when the motorcycle is not attached.

This is a virtual 3-wheel vehicle project that has yet to be started.