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These are your 3-Wheeler Projects.

Gallery 021

My thanks go to Marc B. Domer in the USA for this photo of his X-15 project. Marc writes:

I began this project nine months ago in November of 2005, with the intention of building a budget version of the now famous "T-Rex" three-wheeler.

The power train for my "X-15 P01" (named after a three-wheeled, ride-on toy from my childhood) is a 2003 Honda 919, which I rescued from a salvage yard. The front suspension is based upon a 2000 Honda Accord. I chose this unit for the unequal length upper and lower control arms (which actually creates additional negative wheel camber in turns).

The upper control arm mounts that I fashioned also provide for camber adjustment through the use of slotted mounting plates. Additionally, the front coilovers (110 lb springs, with variable dampening rate struts) permit ride height adjustment as does their mounting bracket. The single rear spring is currently a 400 lb unit, but I must increase this, perhaps to as much as 600 lbs.

The seats and the pedal set are adjustable to permit use by drivers of all sizes. The steering wheel has a quick release knob for ease of entry/exit. The steering box is a Honda unit with a modified steering shaft. The vehicles weighs 1100 pounds and has 110 horsepower. The unburdened weight bias is 55% front - 45% rear which permits decent rear traction and adequate turning stability. The Accord disc brakes and 919 rear brake are linked
with a brake bias adjuster to provide exceptional braking performance. The X-15 has a 64" front track and a 109" wheelbase, which provides good high speed stability. While somewhat variable, the X-15 is 42" high at the rear roll bar and has 6" of ground clearance. I will provide some performance
testing statistics soon. It has been an absolute blast to design and build This vehicle and I'm already looking forward to my next.