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These are your 3-Wheeler Projects.

Gallery 020

My thanks go to Steve Mchugh in Tamworth, UK for these photos of his Odyssey. The vehicle first appeared in Owners Gallery in 2001 after I spotted it in a friend's photo album.  Steve saw the vehicle on the web site and wrote in to say that it was his.  Steve writes:

Hi I have just stumbled on your web site I was pleasantly suprised to see my first creation ODYSSEY. I built her in the early 1980;s I was still on a motorbike licence at the time . I did all the body mods, roof chop gullwing doors etc and yes it did have a 1600 VW type 3 engine in the rear . The car was well known at all the major car shows and won me over 20 trophies the top being at Blackpool indoor show where it took most radical car over some stiff foreign competition.

... here are a couple of pics to show the engine and the body mods . when I built this car I did not have and still don't have any garage or cover so it was all built on the road or on the drive, but when I decided to put the VW engine in the rear I had to get Dave Fisher at Kingfisher Kustoms involved. He recommended the type 3 variant engine on a bettle transaxle it fitted like a dream. The car used to wheelie quite readily the handling was great it had a six inch deep dish chainlink steering wheel . For car shows I could remove two locating bolts on the chassie and the body went up in the air and the engine dropped back . I sold the car locally but never found out what happened to it. I have been told that other people claimed to have built this car which if true is annoying as I spent hundreds of hours struggling to build it myself. The one photo shows how the body flips up for shows.

...also a pic of another car I built a V12 Bond Bug although not a 3 wheeler I thought you might like a pic. ...  I am still building cars and am building a VW based nova kit car but have designed my own radical body around the lifting roof.