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These are your 3-Wheeler Projects.

Gallery 014

My thanks go to Arak Leatham for these images. Arak writes:

I submitted photos of an all aluminum experiment to you, a while back. In that design I had placed the engine in a vertical 'NCAA" duct behind the driver. This forced it to be it rear wheel drive.

While I knew that two wheels forward were the best for safety and handling, shortly after I made those photos, I concluded that the best design must also be front wheel design. This is one reason for ending that version.

I'm always looking for the most efficient and inexpensive, commuter design possible. I have attached my final concept.(minus the sliding doors.) It has a very wide stance for limiting weight transfer. The springs would be tortional bars and the shocks are inside the body. The front breaks are inboard to reduce unsprung mass in the wheels. Twin treads eliminate much of the wheel mass as well. ( an innovation of the Vehicle Research Institute ) All this effort is required because of the light weight of the vehicle.