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These are your 3-Wheeler Projects.

Gallery 001

My thanks go to Michael Taylor for these photos of his 3-wheeler project. Michael writes:

... I'm sending pics of a 3 wheeler I designed in 2000. This one never made it despite considerable effort and interest from auto manufacturers. Still, it looked a treat.

I intend to start another, probably next year. It will be completely different in construction but will follow a similar theme in the looks department.The three wheeler had a working title of "TRIK". It was a 2 seater, fibreglass chasis with a proposed ABS plastic body. It was built around a Kawasaki Z9 engine. The seats were set up as 2/3 of the Maclaren F1 seating arrangement, ie diagonal, so as to keep the package small.

The idea was set up by Mike Davies, who owned a small company in Ballina NSW Australia. I had resisted styling the 3-wheeler because Mike had taken me down a few dead ends before. He was a friend despite this, and his persistence saw me mock up a preliminary shape in my kitchen using stoneware clay,(he brought along the buck, some clay and a bottle of red for my wife).

To cut a long story short, I ended up back in his factory making the proto you see in the pictures. The 3-wheeler was modelled at full scale over the fibreglass chasis using the 1/10th scale ceramic model I designed in the kitchen to get our reference points. It was modelled on polystyrene foam and given a fibreglass shell., much like a surfboard. It took me around a month to style it.

All up weight was around 280kg so it would have been a flyer. C of G was also low and weight distribution in between all three wheels, so she would have turned well.

A Korean manufacturer, (I will keep them out of this) entered the picture and signed on for the manufacturing rights.

At this point everything went pear shaped. Mike had other issues which saw me and almost everyone else leave the project. He unfortunately spiralled downward, lost his buisness and was eventually murdered. Sound like a hollywood script, but it was true. Despite his faults Mike was a great bloke.

The model you see was bought at the reciever sale, I don't know what happened to it.

It was a great shame as this little vehicle was drop dead georgeous and I felt it to be my best design ever. Everyone who saw it was gobsmacked. I tried to make it look like a balanced, integrated unit, a true three wheeler. I have always been interested in three wheelers but felt they either looked like a bike/car or a car/bike.

I now have a factory on my farm in northern NSW and hope to start another three wheeler, with similar looks but completely different construction, when finances permit. It will have a Steel/Aluminium chassis and the body will be fibreglass.The engine will attach to the firewall (behind the driver) using a cradle similar to those used to hold aircraft engines. This will make the whole design more flexible, allowing a range of engines to be "plugged in". My personal choice would be a big Ducati twin. I would also prefer to run a belt drive if I can work it. The vehicle would look similar to the pictures I sent you. The only difference would be that the silver "butresses" would be cosmetic and cover the frame. On the model you saw they were the actual chassis.

I'm also not convinced that the diagonal seating is the way to go.I'm sure most people would prefer to sit side by side.

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