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The Plume School Micro Project

Report 1: February 2001

After some hassle we finally sorted out the wiring on our half moped and the engine seems to run well although with no front  forks or wheel we couldn't do a test ride. This has now been cut down to size  and will be bolted to the rear of the chassis. We have collected some of the Yugo donor parts but have decided not to use the front hubs as we want to fit Mini wheels and they are too small for the Yugo uprights. We have now settled  for Mini uprights and have made bottom wishbones (as shown in the photo). Top  wishbones are from a Vauxhall Viva which came from my "useful bits and bobs  bin". The chassis main rails have been welded up and the rear frame/seatback is in place. Dimensions have been taken from Robert sitting on a box on the floor  with arms and legs in the appropriate "driving" position. Needless to say this is a somewhat crude method and we will not be surprised if some alterations have to be made later on when we start fitting the bits together. After some thought we decided that our body design will be along the lines of the Messerschmitt ie it will have a narrow centre section with extended wheel arches over the front wheels. Exact styling will have to wait till we have the chassis up and running  and have a better overall impression of the dimensions..

We now have a pair of Mini alloy wheels which  will help keep the weight down as this is still the aspect we are concerned  about. We are not yet sure if we will use a rack and pinion steering system with  a wheel or a simpler handlebar/yoke type direct steering arrangement. We all  favour the latter but it may be difficult to arrange around the constraints of our chassis design. We shall see. We are hoping in a week or two to have the  rest of the framework done and the car up on its wheels.;

Mathew (left) and Robert with the Plume Chassis.

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John (front) and Mathew learning how to weld.