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Media Articles.

Practical Classics.  (Page 2 - 3 & 30 - 37. October  2007)

The October edition of Practical Classics had a main feature called “Comedy Classics” that test drove six vehicles.  My Reliant Regal Supervan III was one of the vehicles that was tested for the article.

With Chris Barrie as guest editor the article looked at whether these cars that are laughed at actually have the last laugh.

My Reliant (and Reliant in general) featured well in the review that also had an added bonus in that it mentions in the article and in the acknowledgements.

Along with the review on the Reliant there is an additional review by Chris Barrie. As you can see in my article on the Practical Classics Photo Shoot, Chris Barrie test drove my Reliant and his comments in the article state:

“In the world of comedy vehicles, the Reliant three-wheeler has form. I’m not sure if it’s familiarity or the high comic value of the rarities with which it it is sharing our photoshoot day, but as I set off in the little legend, it feels both capable and solid.  As we power along, the little four pot hums cheerfully through its Triumph Stag (if you please) exhaust pipe. I start to enjoy the talents of Supervan III.  Then we come to a corner, A left-hander. The offside front corner dips frighteningly and we lurch round the bend. From then on Supervan III loses all pretensions of being a serious cargo transporter. According to Elvis Payne from, many other owners have painted them yellow and written “Lovely Jubbly” on the back. Lets hope a few Reliant vans are spared this fate”