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Owner’s Vehicle Reviews.

Add your vehicle to the Review Section!

To Submit a review of your 3-wheeler please complete and submit the following form. Reviews are welcomed for any 3-wheeler vehicle.

Name & E-mail Address.

If you do not want your Name and /or E-mail address included with your review leave the appropriate box blank.


If you have a web site that features your 3-wheeler list it here if you wish.

Vehicle Make and Model.

Vehicle make (ie: Bond) and Vehicle Model (ie:Bug) In Model also include any Model variants. (ie Bug 700ES)

Engine Size and Year of Manufacture.

Engine size in cc or litres. (ie: 700cc or 0.70) and Year vehicle was manufactured /registered.

Body Type / Seats.

Saloon, Estate, Van or single  / two seater if body shape not appropriate.

Use one sentence to sum up the car and Marks out of 10.

How would you best describe your 3-wheeler in one sentence. Give marks out of 10 for overall satisfaction for your vehicle. 1 is lowest 10 is highest.

Vehicle Review.

Your opinion of the vehicle. If possible also list any Pros and Cons of owning this vehicle along with any problems you may have had.


E-mail Address

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Vehicle Make:

Vehicle Model:

Engine Size:

Year of Manufacture:

Body Type / Seats:

Use one sentence to sum up the car:

Marks out of 10:

Vehicle Review: 

(No longer than 300 words.)

This form is sent as an e-mail attachment and is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape 4 and above.