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My brother (Geoff, pictured) and I had this great idea once to totally dissect an old Reliant Robin and build our own amazing 3-wheeler that would stun the world. We brought an old 1976 Reliant Robin out of the newspaper that literally had about 4 days worth of tax and MOT left on it.  Driving home was an experience as one door was hanging off and had been tied on and when I went to change gear and the gear lever came away in my hands. I stopped and managed to fix it back into the recess and slowly drove home.  A week later; much to the shock of my ex-girlfriend's neighbours; we spent couple of weekends dissecting the Robin. The car was stripped down to its bare chassis only to find that it was so rotten the body was probably holding it together. This however didn't seem to be much of a problem until we bounced on the chassis and it snapped!  This picture was how far we got before the whole project ended up in the scrapyard.